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    The Heroes of Light series is an action-adventure, fantasy/fiction series, utilizing mythology, imagination, and fantasy to engage the 9 to 16-year-old audience. This series of books surround different characters throughout various time periods, but all intertwining in the end. There are three dark prophecies revealed and three different ‘Heroes of Light’ to fulfill each prophecy. These chosen heroes go on adventures and face many challenges.

    "Heroes of Light: The Hidden Myth"

    Kronos needs control over the universe. It is one of his deepest, darkest desires; to defeat the gods and become stronger than all the gods are combined. To achieve this, Kronos must possess the 'orb of Olympus.' Kronos has a plan. He needs his pawns in place. The three chosen are Athen (daughter of Athena), Perseus, and Hercules. They are brought together as part of the First Dark Prophecy which is revealed and played out in this first book in the series of seven.

    "Heroes of Light: New Threat"

    Heroes of Light: New Threat begins 50 years after the Second Dark Prophecy ends. Kuros, Haiku, and Sadie are brought together for the Third Dark Prophecy. It is time to prepare. Darkness is rising again and is stronger than ever. The Third Dark Prophecy is on the horizon and will be a difficult battle to win. These three heroes join the Resistance to build their army, and the swords of the former Heroes of Light are in their possession to help defeat the darkness. Is this the end of the Third Dark Prophecy, or are more adventures for Sadie, Kuros, and Haiku still to come?